Level 2 Conditioning

Why this Program?

Ok, we know you aren’t at zero when it comes to conditioning. Level 2 will further improve your conditioing.

This program can work either alongside your existing CrossFit or S&C program, or as a stand alone conditioning program.

What to expect?

Level 2 is structured with 8 weeks of progressive workouts. There are 3 workouts each week, lasting approximately 25 minutes in  duration:

  • Session 1: Assault Bike Short Intervals.
  • Session 2: Rowing Intervals.
  • Session 3: Longer duration Endurance Workout.

There is a test week at the start and the end of the program:

  • Week 1 – Baseline Tests.
  • Weeks 2-7 – Progressive Conditioning workouts.
  • Week 8 – Retest.
Equipment needed:

1. An Air Bike of some description (Assault Bike) is preferred. However, a Ski-Erg or rower can be used as a substitute.

2. A Concept 2 rower or similar. Ability to count Calories and Metres required.

3. A timer

There are two places to purchase these programs:

1. Here on this website, where the full program/s are available to see in the members area. We can also add you to our Beyond The WhiteBoard Squad, so you can easily follow, record, and compare to others. Or,

2. On ‘The Blau Program‘ website. Purchasing from The Blau Program comes with access to their support app. The workouts can be scheduled, results tracked, the team can monitor your progress, and you get 1:1 online support from the team from within the App.

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